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Asset Management 101

Whether you’re new to asset management or fully-immersed in a system, we’re intent on helping you answer all your questions.


Asset Management Overview

What is CMMS


CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management information System.

Generally speaking, a CMMS is an asset management system that lets you define, track and maintain any asset or event.

What are the most common reasons to use a CMMS?


Cost management, planning, scheduling, and optimized operations management.

With the right CMMS, you can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Do more with less

What does an asset management system do?


At the highest level, a CMMS allows you to know:

  1. What you own and/or what you are responsible for?  (i.e. The maintenance and/or management thereof)

It also lets you identify the equipment required to run your operation (eg. types, models and number of tanks); track activity and maintenance; and optimize your usage.

  1. Where is it located?


-Where your equipment lives physically.

-If it moves around

-What is it connected to

-What are the associated components?

  1. What state is it in?

Determine the working condition - i.e. is it in-service vs out-or-service?

And what is required to move it into service?

marsworx Overview

What is marsworx?


Marsworx is an asset management software.  Named for its Maintenance Asset Record System, marsworx is a complete CMMS that puts all data, events and activities on one platform.

Marsworx provides you with what is often referred to as ‘one single source of truth.’ 

Via an intuitive mobile module, it allows you to incorporate accurate field data.

Which industries does marsworx support?


Marsworx serves multiple industries including 

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Food Service & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal
  • Other   *Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What types of assets can be tracked in marsworx?


You decide!  Assets can be widely defined, depending on your operation, and can include equipment, inventory, and locations.

Essentially, you can track anything you want to schedule work against.

Some tracked asset examples include:

  • O&G:  PSV, liability, gas plant.
  • Food Service:  Equipment including (refrigeration, stoves and packing plant


  • Beds, Kitchen equipment, HVAC

Which activities/events can I track in marsworx?


Again, you decide!

Activities/Events can include: 

  • Work orders
  • Incidents
  • MOCs
  • Outages/turnarounds
  • Projects
  • NCRs (non-conformist reports)
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Failures
  • Change Requests

Note:  Events are the activity associated with the asset.  i.e.  The scheduled maintenance of an asset is known as an event.

Why is capturing this information or data important to me?


Quality information allows you to make timely, informed decisions that ultimately optimize your operations.

Having the right data will help with:

  • Detailed cost management
  • Corporate planning and scheduling 
  • Work optimization
  • Reporting/analysis/KPIs
  • Regulatory compliance

How accurate and current can this data be?


We know that your data will be as current and as accurate as your entries which is why marsworx was designed for ease of use and optimal adoption.

How easily and quickly can I access my data?


Marsworx is designed to easily and immediately query, analyze and export any data you’ve put into the system.

Third-party reporting applications can also be attached for detailed analysis and layering in of other corporate information.

Can my entire operation be on the same license for one fee?



Marsworx offers one enterprise license for one fee.

Whether you have 10 people or 1000, you can accommodate everyone - including subcontractors.

What are the benefits of a marsworx mobile solution for my operation?


Replacing notes on scraps of paper, emails and cumbersome spreadsheets with intuitive mobile capability ensures quality and accessible data.

Successful operations begin in the field.

Can I scale this software to match our needs as we grow?



Marsworx has been built in modules which you can seamlessly integrated as your needs expand.

We don’t have the capacity or people to take on this project. How do we get started?


We include extensive set-up and training as part of our software implementation process.

Additional professional and third-party training services are available as required.

How is marsworx different from other CMMS options?


Because marsworx was built by users for users, our level of self-configurability and available detail is unique.

Other key advantages include: one enterprise license, integrated modules and intuitive mobility.

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