Agile. Efficient.

Our Goal is Simple:

Save you time and money by giving you quick access to valuable operational data.


marsworx was developed because we believed there could be a better way. Working on our own projects, we were exposed to actual, front-line problems companies were having. That led us to using our own software and asset management expertise to create practical solutions with our end-users’ goals in mind.

We worked extensively with clients, going back and forth to ensure they had what they needed, always tweaking, adjusting and building more and more functionality along the way.  The result is a complete, dynamic, ever-iterative CMMS that puts all data, events and activities on one platform. marsworx continues to exceed expectations. We’re very proud of that.

“marsworx is designed to be incredibly flexible which allows us to be as efficient as possible.”

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marsworx: The Name

If we were to associate an acronym to our name,
it would be Maintenance Asset Record System.

The worx part is obvious.

Other than that, mars is a pretty cool planet (pardon the pun) and produces lots of intense dust storms….kind of like our fast growing client companies.

marsworx and Jaguars

We’ve brought a different asset management solution to the market so we wanted to showcase our industry-leading software via an approach that was equally unique.

The jaguar is the strongest and largest wild cat in the Americas and thrives in a variety of habitats. They are known for their power and agility and, as a spirit animal, symbolize protection, power, and majesty.

The marsworx software is proven to be strong and nimble, powerful and agile.  It is an intelligent, price-disruptive asset management platform for any company in any industry optimizing equipment, activities, Health & Safety, and regulatory compliance.

Meet the Team.

Don OgaDon OgaDon OgaDon OgaDon Oga

Don Oga

President & COO

Dave BarbetDave BarbetDave BarbetDave BarbetDave Barbet

Dave Barbet

VP Product Services

Chris NewsomeChris NewsomeChris NewsomeChris NewsomeChris Newsome

Chris Newsome

VP Product Development

Greg MarksGreg MarksGreg MarksGreg MarksGreg Marks

Greg Marks

Director of Software Development

Rachel WiedemannRachel WiedemannRachel WiedemannRachel WiedemannRachel Wiedemann

Rachel Wiedemann

Client Support Team Lead & Quality Assurance

Our Trusted Allies.

We’re pleased to introduce you to many of our skilled industry partners.

Vaqero Group

Now you can shorten your path to value realization with marsworx Certified Implementer, Vaqero Group.  With broad experience as a client and a consultant, Vaqero strategically optimizes asset management systems and processes.

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Electra Learning

Ready to build out an internal training program that marries marsworx with your unique company mandate?  Electra Learning can help make that happen.

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If you require a deep dive data analysis or assistance with data mining, the certified experts at Prycop are set up to handle your specific needs.

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Industry leaders in field services, inspections, and data discovery, Sharptail is a noted operations partner.

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Alberta Innovates

Marsworx acknowledges the ongoing support of Alberta Innovates and their commitment to high potential, high growth technology and knowledge-based SME.

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