September 1, 2022

Ember Resources Inc.

Simon Rivard
Vice President of Production
Ember Resources Inc.

Turning Information into Data

Prior to acquiring Encana’s CBM properties, any asset or work management at Ember was done on hundreds of spreadsheets. Without an asset management platform, it was a complete train wreck from the perspective of field work management. The information was there but tracking data or pulling reports was anything but simple.

We met marsworx and started building out what we and industry needed from the ground floor. Together, we crafted solutions that fit and we quickly got to the point where we could maximize the science of the data.

Synchronization is a Big Deal

With this software, we can communicate with the entire company. We see everything: project status, construction, costs, scheduled outages and past, present, and future planning. It’s all automated so we can put in information from various sources. Then we just let the software do its thing.

Immediate Access

When we can access current data across multiple divisions quickly and efficiently, we essentially show the competency of the operations. Spinning back full counts of 2021 also lets us compare what we’re doing in 2022. You can’t get that from spreadsheets.

Who Cares the Most

Everyone. Marsworx sets the work list for our operators and streamlines their data collection. For me, it ensures the data is consistent which lets me quickly understand if things are on the rails or not … if we’re managing the business efficiently and improving operating costs

How Has Life Changed

I have the comfort that I can handle any issues or questions that were unforeseen or unexpected.
Here’s a good example.
We recently had a Health & Safety meeting and a director asked for information about various inspections done at Ember the day before the meeting. That’s a tight turnaround but I wasn’t even taken aback because I knew the data set was in marsworx – right at our fingertips. With less than 24 hours’ notice, we produced the data package needed for the meeting. We couldn’t do that before.

Mobility Success

Now everyone in the field – or anywhere – can initiate and access work orders on their phones or tablets.

I was at a field office yesterday and asked the question “How’s marsworx for you guys?”

Consensus was unanimously positive and one operator answered “Best work management software I’ve ever used”

Biggest Surprise

How generic the software is and the entire admin side of marsworx. It’s a blank canvas without boundaries. Everything’s wide open so you can set it up the way you need it: tank inspections, facility licenses, reclamation, custom asset types. We’re able to create 100s of events and still manage the data with only six people.

It doesn’t matter if regulations change or whole new concepts, such as emissions management, throws at you; we have a way to manage, track and report it.

Today, would you still choose marsworx?

Yes. Its limitless structure is invaluable.

Plus, they treat us like partners and our ongoing needs drive their updates and new releases.

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