November 7, 2022

Chord Energy

Chord Energy (Formerly Whiting and Oasis)

Michael Kohler - Supervisor, Operations Services 

Will Treanor - Systems Analyst, Operations Services

If It Wasn’t Documented, It Didn’t Happen.

Tracking operations is a huge undertaking when taking into account every sticky note, phone call, text and email.  Maintenance, compliance, regulatory tracking…. everything must be documented.  We’re also continually figuring out ways to be more efficient; to prevent issues or resolve them more quickly.

Merger Decision:  Go or No Go with marsworx

Pre-merger, Whiting was using marsworx to help identify operational inefficiencies and manage continuous change.  After the merger occurred, it was important the newly combined Chord Energy saw the advantages of marsworx over the other legacy CMMS option.  And they did.

Compared to other options, marsworx is more robust and advanced with the depth we require, especially the admin module and integrations with third party apps.  It’s very effective and stable.

You Can’t Measure Performance Without Data

Post-merger, we’ve essentially doubled our assets with a lot more users.  Not to mention a lot more industry regulations.  The data, tracking and reporting that proves we are in compliance is more important than ever.

The improved sharing of information between departments, the field and corporate office is essential.  We have all the compliance detail in one spot and can tie the data together.  Running reports is quick and easy.

Meeting a Deadline

After selecting marsworx, we had little choice but to make the transition within an aggressive three-month sprint.  We felt very supported by the marsworx team – they made us and our deadline a priority. 

Addressing Corporate Priorities - ESG and HSE 

ESG and HSE touch practically every aspect of our business so it’s critical we can effectively track, manage and report related activities.  We were also able to successfully import our legacy records which is important for comprehensive recordkeeping purposes.

Adoption:  Ease and Explaining ‘The Why’ 

As we expanded our scope within marsworx, we focused on explaining ‘The Why’ and how we use the data.  For example, we created a flare response form to more effectively track issues and ensure a timely response. Being able to see and use the data helps everyone understand the importance.

Same with safety-related work orders.  The internal safety documentation helps us address and avoid potential hazards to our employees and contractors.

Greatest Use of marsworx?

Definitely the mobile flexibility.  

The majority of our work orders are entered from the field using tablets and phones. We even use it to document compliance-related activities from inspectors that utilize specialized cameras to detect leaks.  Now we can record and access information from where we are, successfully meet maintenance and compliance deadlines (we’re proud of that track record!), easily dispatch work and coordinate maintenance-adjacent activities such as ESD valve testing and winter preparedness. 

We save time, money and have increased our efficiencies considerably.

There’s nothing like marsworx where you can start from scratch and build what you want.

They’re a very nimble company.  They listen to what we want and act on it.  

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